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Ron and Richard Gifford—Gifford & Gifford Construction—bring you 40 years of combined experience in quality home construction and general contracting services. In addition, their commitment to central Florida is reflected in their consistent use of both local suppliers of merchandise and materials, and local subcontractors with a shared commitment to excellence in what they do.

From plans on paper to the turn key completion—from foundation to manicured landscaping, electricians to flooring specialists—the Gifford & Gifford team wants to make your new home the house of your dreams.

Our History

“Commercial and residential building and remodeling—it's something we grew up knowing. As young boys, on sites with our father, we watched and learned even when it looked like we were playing. Our earliest jobs—part-time after school work, weekends, and summers—were as laborers on dad's current projects. Eventually we both grew up and followed in dad's footsteps, pursuing work in the field of construction. We learned a lot in those early days, not just as construction skills and manual labor, but about quality and excellence and commitment to getting jobs done on time.”

From 1982 to 1998, Ron and Richard Gifford, along with their father Don Gifford, were quite a team. The home and businesses they constructed are still some of the hallmark homes and buildings of the Lakeland community. Eventually, Richard went to work for a corporate home builder and Ron worked in the commercial construction business. This only served to broaden their base of knowledge and experience.

Gifford and Gifford Construction, as it is know today, was formed in 2004 when the brothers decided to join forces and offer their community the benefit of their combined areas of expertise. With the formation of this company came a commitment to quality construction along with utilization of local suppliers and subcontractors.